Electric Screwdriver

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N20 Handle 28 in 1 set

Electric Screwdriver

N20 Handle 28 in 1 set
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N20 Handle 62 in 1 set
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N20 Handle 120 in 1 set
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N30 Handle Full Knurled 28 in 1
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36 in 1 charge base
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Product information

Product Description:

Introducing the 28/62-in-1 Electric Screwdriver Set, the precision power tool kit designed for all your repair needs. No more cumbersome manual screwdrivers and here comes the convenience of this rechargeable wireless mini screwdriver.

This versatile set boasts a remarkable 28 interchangeable bits, along with 62 different configurations to ensure compatibility with a wide array of screws.

The electric screwdriver offers effortless operation, providing precise control and eliminating the need for excessive manual effort. Its compact size and wireless design allow for easy maneuverability and access to tight spaces, making intricate repairs a breeze. 

Equipped with a rechargeable battery, this screwdriver ensures continuous operation without the hassle of frequent battery replacements. Simply recharge it when needed and get back to work without delay. 

Table of Features:




Precision Screwdriver

Motor type 


Rated Voltage




Max. Torque


Power Source


Rated Voltage


Feature 01

Electric pen screwdriver

Feature 02



USB Type c

Charging Instruction:

-When using the USB charging port, the charging indicator shows white means “charging", shows green means "full charge".

-Please charge the screwdriver fully and the charging time is no more than 2.5 hours before when the screwdriver the first time.

 -Please charge the screwdriver at least once a month to maintain a good performance.
Only charge the screwdriver by using the provided cable.

Using Precautions:

1. When using the electric screwdriver to remove screws, please use the manual mode to loosen the screws avoid destroy screws and other parts at screws.
2. When not using the electric screwdriver, please put it out of the reach of children.
3. If the product falls into the water or splashes into the machine, please stop using it to avoid short circuits.
4. When maintaining the electric screwdriver, please check the smoothness of the screwdriver head rotation, whether other parts are damaged, etc. If there are any damages, please repair them before using them. Using the damaged electric screwdriver may cause an accident.
5. When the fastener or the hidden wire operation may be touched, the electric screwdriver should be held by the holding surface of the insulator.
6. Don't disassemble this product.
7. Please follow the instructions.